Finding a Hotel

What to Look for in a Hotel

If there is any industry they offers a wide arrange of choices and variables it would have to be Hotels. From locations, costs, and benefits, there is much vying for your attention to make a choice. The internet doesn’t matter make it much easier with so many websites showcasing and contrasting the different places you may be interested in. It’s important to remember what’s best for you when looking for a hotel stay. With all the glitz and glamour being given attention, more sensible accommodations may be appropriate.  If not, check to see what amenities and perks will be available if you pay more.

Finding What Works

What is the purpose of your stay? Vacation and business trips are two obviously different choices that demand different details. If this is more of a recreational trip price may be centered on an extended stay and more luxurious accommodations. Perhaps any extras are of little interest to you as you will be spending that money outside the hotel and only using the hotel for basic functions i.e. a place to sleep. Great deals can still factor into the equation regardless.

There are a lot of popular tools online to assist with finding the best price. Be sure to check out some of the lesser known sites as well as they can offer great information too. Many times better offers may be directly available from the hotels themselves. So once you’ve found something to your liking from a site such as Orbitz, visit the hotel‘s main site for lower rate possibilities.

Perhaps you’re on a business trip in the Atlanta area and a Decatur GA hotel best matches your financial means. It’s outside the city so you catch a break in the cost. All you need is Wi-Fi access and you should be fine with the basics. Most travel sites will allow you the option specifying those extras you need.

The amount of people coming with you will undoubtedly play a role in what kind of hotel you will stay at. A family vacation for 4 will likely be more costly than two work colleagues splitting a room while in town on business.

Location, location, location. Being in the area of nearby restraints, attractions or business related functions is important to factor in when deciding on your hotel. Area hotels such as University Inn at Emory offer just that.  As great as the internet is making a direct phone call to the hotel is sometimes the best thing to do to get a better idea overall of what’s available.



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