Emory Village near University Inn

The Emory district of Decatur has been a hub of active culture for both artists and professionals since its establishment. In the early 1920s, what locals would refer to as “The Stores” started to grow and develop. Initially “The Stores” served to tend to the basic needs of the locale. In Druid Hills, a well celebrated historical commercial community, it grew and grew until it became what we know today as Emory Village.

Emory Village is a great place to stop by if you are staying the night at a Decatur hotel. This historical business district boasts classically artistic architecture, and local shops and services that have transcended generations. What can you do during your stay? At “The Stores” you can visit a variety of different businesses that cater to your needs and interests!

Food & Drink

  • Romeo’s New York Style Pizza– This Pizzeria has been praised for its fast service and generous portion sizes. The interior is clean, attractive and casual. Their specialty is authentic New York style pizza, served by the slice or pie.
  • Doc Chey’s Noodle House– Genuine Asian cuisine with a very creative menu. Their worldly dishes span across Chinese, Thai and Japanese traditions.
  • Dave’s Cosmic Subs- With a 60′s atmosphere, Davey Dogs and Pizza Subs, what better way to enjoy the local cuisine than at this Decatur favorite? Dave’s is known for fresh ingredients and an extensive variety of specialty subs.

Activities & Shopping

  • All Fired Up– A pottery and craft store where you can browse various pieces for purchase, or paint and fire your own designs! The only fee is for the pot and paint that you use; there is no time limit! They also sell glass crafts and offer workshops in which you may also make your own glass art. A great stop for hobbyists, artists and their families.
  • Emory Village Flowers and Gifts– Someone couldn’t make the trip? Loved one on your mind? Then a visit to the local flower and gift shop is in order! Gifts, flowers, souvenirs and other thoughtful items may be purchased here.
  • Evolve Boutique Atlanta– A beautiful boutique that prides itself in the use of organic cottons and fabrics. Their selection is as eclectic as it is luxurious, receiving excellent reviews from its patrons. This makes a good place for those who want to bring a unique garment back to their loved ones, or to just treat themselves!

If you are planning on staying in the historical Emory area,  stay somewhere with easy access to the region’s finest attractions. Emory Village is just a short walk away from Emory University and the University Inn, making it the perfect place to eat, dine and book a room!

If the local hotspots listed above have caught your interest, you’ll be thrilled to know that this was just a quick glimpse at a thriving and colorful community. So what are you waiting for? The best Decatur and Atlanta have to offer are right here at Emory Village!