Area Information

When you stay at the University Inn at Emory, you are only 15 minutes from downtown Atlanta in Historic Druid Hills. Nearby are a multitude of conveniences: shops, dry cleaning, salon services, restaurants and more.
Many of our neighboring restaurants offer delivery and take-out services, and Cliff Transportation is free for all guests to utilize to travel to malls, MARTA, Grady Hospital, Agnes Scott College and more!

For those looking to have a day of memorable activities, there are many locations that are unique to the area and would be ideal for the whole family enjoy! In particular, there are three hugely popular local museums: The High Museum of Art, Fernbank Museum of Natural History, and the Michael C. Carlos Museum, all of which combine educational elements with fascinating history and beautiful art pieces. There are also many parks and outdoor recreational areas close by— all of which are ideal for walking, lounging or picnicking.

This is what the University Inn is known for: being right in the middle of everywhere you want to be, without sacrificing comfort and quality. Whether you are looking to spend time in a relaxed and comfortable suburban community atmosphere, or craving the excitement of the city nightlife and fine dining, when you stay at the University Inn at Emory, the best entertainment and recreation in Georgia is at your fingertips.

Location is key when it comes to creating a positive guest experience, and once you stay at the Inn and witness for yourself the rich and diverse surrounding areas, you’ll be tempted to extend your stay!

We want to ensure that you have a great stay at The University Inn, which is why we have compiled a list of popular places of interest. From dining options to local stores and events, it won’t take long to see that metro-Atlanta is a hub for activity and convenience– and that you are booking a room at the perfect hotel from which to experience all the area has to offer!

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